Cooling tower, closed cooling tower

Tower body: reasonable shape, smooth air flow, excellent material, bright colors, surface gel coat resin containing anti-UV agent, aging resistance, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance. The bottom basin of the tower can be equipped with overflow, sewage, and automatic water supply pipes according to actual conditions, which can save the cooling pool from directly absorbing water from here. It is equipped with an anti-noise muffler pad, which effectively reduces noise such as dripping water.
Filler/film: Modified polyethylene picks are used, with convex ribs added in the transverse direction. It has strong water redistribution ability, low resistance, good thermal performance, high temperature resistance of 70 degrees, low temperature of -50 degrees, and good flame retardancy.
Rotating water distributor and water distribution pipe: Equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, the operation is flexible and reliable, the water head is low, and the water distribution is uniform. The ABS water distribution pipe is used, and a water collection plate is installed on the pipe to overcome the phenomenon of floating water.
Fan blades: low-noise, high-efficiency fan blades designed according to series cooling tower parameters. They use ABS aluminum alloy fan blades, which have low noise and high efficiency.
Motor: Based on the installation size, a low-noise, energy-saving motor designed for the cooling tower has good sealing and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency and low noise.
Liuhou water distributor: distributes water evenly, has high impact resistance, high heat resistance and is tightly connected with the water distribution pipe to ensure safe operation.
Air inlet net: Brand new PVC material, acid and alkali resistant, high and low temperature resistant, reducing water drifting and small air flow resistance.

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