Chiller, industrial chiller

Stable performance: Multiple compressors are used in parallel. Each compressor has its own independent refrigeration circuit, that is, the evaporator and condenser are also completely independent. All compressors are commanded by a unified microcomputer control system, and are turned on and off one by one, interacting with each other. They will never interfere with each other. In addition, all machines of this brand are made with original equipment, and the single machine failure rate is extremely low. Based on the above reasons, this series of machines can be guaranteed to have highly stable performance, and can operate continuously for many years without the need for Buy another spare machine.
Long service life: The evaporator and condenser are very reasonably designed and placed above the compressor. During the entire operation, most of the lubricating oil always stays in the compressor, ensuring good lubrication of the compressor.
Power saving and energy saving: multiple small and medium-power compressors are used in parallel, which will cause minimal interference to the power grid when turning on and off. As the load changes, the unit will automatically determine the number of turned-on compressors to ensure that the turned-on compressors are in working condition, thereby effectively Save electricity.
Compared with water-cooled machines, it is simpler and more convenient and does not require a water tower.

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